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How our block explorers works

Our system is more different than commons providers: no useless things! Search for a block, search for transaction! Fast. Simple. Stable. Nothing else!

This is not a common explorer:

- It provide you a little node for your coin
- Allow for hash/txid search (included for free when you purchase the system)
- Show Top 100 Adresses
- Cool and usefull stats (real time price chart, coins left and more)

Our Explorer System is based on a fully forked version of RPC Ace developed by Stolendata (Original Source) and is provided for free. Actually you purchase the mini-node, the search options, and the real time cool stats.

Also remember we don't list any kind of coin who hasn't the common RPC Calls in it (Moneysupply, gethashespersec, etc. ). When you place an oder, specify your coin wallet source in order notes to check if your coin meets our system requirements. If you need something more, or you still have some questions, contact our support, we are here to help you choosing exatly what your coin needs.